A little rain isn’t going to save California from Drought 2015

The drought in California is so dire that it’s been declared a State of Emergency by Governor Brown. The problem isn’t that there’s been no rain, there has been some over the last few months. There were a few big downpours in mid-February across the state, for example.

But just like a coldsnap doesn’t disprove global warming, a few brief showers doesn’t necessarily spell the end of the drought. Plus, winter is always California’s rainiest time of year, so some rain isn’t unexpected. But for the rest of the time, the state has to rely on meltwater from snow to sustain the state. And those numbers are looking pretty thin.

California Precip Dashboard
The state is trying to help the situation by creating a $1 billion emergency drought package and by pushing for water-use reductions. But with so little snowpack in reserve, it’s looking like it’s going to be a long, dry summer for Californians.

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