Eclipse disappointment? Prepare for a long wait

Did you get a good view of last week’s eclipse? If you were in London, I’m guessing not. I spent most of it in a coffee shop’s basement and, frankly, my view was about as good as anyone else’s.


The clouds just about killed the experience. I mean, this might as well have been my view last Friday.

A grey square - Artist's impression of my view of London's eclipse last Friday

I guess it’s to be expected. March isn’t known for it’s clear skies, after all. It averages only 3.7 hours of sunshine a day. Are the next ones going to be any better?

This table shows the dates of the next ten solar eclipses, how much of the sun will be covered, and what the weather is likely to be like for that month.
What’s the weather likely to be like on days of a solar eclipse? Depends on the month it happens in. The table was based on data from and the Met Office.

There’s going to be a few minor ones in the next few years, but they’re not going to be that impressive. Last week’s eclipse covered about 80% of the sun. The next time we’ll get one nearly as big will be on August 12, 2026. Luckily the weather should hopefully cooperate. August gets almost twice as much sunshine as March.

Of course, these are all partial eclipses. If you’re waiting for the next time London sees a total solar eclipse, as in the moon covering all 100% of the sun, you might want to plan your retirement very carefully – it won’t be until September 23rd, 2090.


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